I want to give up this page….

Does anyone want to takeover the Kenton Bar Blog at http://www.kentonbar.org.uk – I have had enough of it and no time or energy to continue. It is a WordPress blog and I will give you all of the content and the rights to it too. You have to take control and pay for the hosting yourself. You can also have ownership of the Facebook page too.

Send me a PM through the blog Facebook page if you are interested. Otherwise I will be closing this blog down within 6 months.



Ghost of Mensforth

Dear Readers – I am very sad to say that, in real life, G.O.M. has actually passed away. During his lifetime and the years he posted on this blog he was very protective of his identity and over the years only TWO people managed to guess who he really was.

I can now reveal that G.O.M. was none other than Alan Ronald Leaver A.K.A. Lev, Monsieur Melonhead, Frog and many other nicknames, late of Qatar. Alan passed away in mid-February after a short illness of about 24 hours and he will be sadly missed by his friends and colleagues. I will post details of his cremation when I get them.

If anyone heaven forbid was thinking that they might come to the funeral with flowers then please don’t. Alan would want you to make a donation to the RSPCA instead.


I really don’t know what further to say other than he was my friend for nearly 43 years and I will miss him even though he was a very strange fucker.


A Super Website with a section On Kenton Bar Estate too!!

Borg by Bilbrough

[Off Topic] – Newcastle Upon Tyne – Regional Capital 1968 Film

Newcastle Upon Tyne - Regional Capital 1968 Film

Newcastle Upon Tyne – Regional Capital 1968 Film


Click on the link  to see the movie.   Newcastle Upon Tyne – Regional Capital 1968 Film

Check out this movie from the website Dirty Modern Scoundrel – not Kenton Bar related but nice all the same. Checkout the clothes!!

Newcastle Upon Tyne Modernist Society

  • Image of The Ruins Of Newcastle upon Tyne - A guide to the lost world of Newcastle's 1960's architecture
A5, 38 pages including fold-out map, black and white photocopies with full colour coverThe latest zine produced by The Bassarids In The Forbidden City Of Newcastle-Brasilia, it explores aspects of Newcastle’s post-war architecture that is either already gone, or much-maligned, with a map so you can find them yourself.Enlightening, fascinating and often mysterious, this provides an excellent guide to places you may have otherwise missed.

UK Visitor Map – Kenton Bar Estate Blog

Dudes – just thought I would put a few pins in the map of visitors over the last few weeks – UK is most important although we do have visits from all over the world.

Visits from UK :-

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 2.56.05 PM
















Some detail from the Newcastle local area :-

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 3.07.53 PM